Private Clients

Helping with short or long term support

Providing assistance

NeuroHealth provides assistance to individuals or families who have difficulty in managing medical, therapy or care input, for themselves or a relative, or who require short or long term practical support.

Peace of mind

Our specialist Case Managers, who come from a clinical background can provide peace of mind by managing all aspects of a client’s care and providing brief or long term intervention wherever required.


Examples of where NeuroHealth can assist private clients include:

  • Assistance with discharge coordination from private Hospitals; recruiting and coordinating an appropriate team of private therapists and professionals for a client once they are home

  • Arranging for a client’s home to be adapted and appropriate equipment is in place, before discharge home after surgery/a stay in hospital

  • Setting up and managing a care package, for example following surgery or for a relative with a long term or deteriorating health condition, arranging respite care when needed

  • Acting as point of contact for the family, attending any appointments with the client, and providing feedback to the client/relatives etc

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