Location: Bedford

Coverage: North London/Home Counties & South-East Midlands

Victoria qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2004 and has gained her clinical experience working with varied client groups including acquired brain injury, long term neurological conditions, orthopaedics, paediatrics, older people, cardiology, A&E, intensive care neurology and mental health conditions. As a Case Manager she works with a varied range of clients, including adults and children with spinal cord injury, brain injury, or other complex injuries such as amputation. Victoria uses a holistic, client-centred approach in case management, to maximise a return to (or development of) independence, optimal function and improved quality of life.  She has specialist skills in managing and supporting clients with complex social situations and cognitive impairment. Victoria’s clinical roles have enabled her to develop skills working collaboratively as part of a team towards meaningful goals and outcomes for clients and their families.

Victoria has also worked as an independent OT since 2013, having worked as an Associate and having established her own company, OT Guru Ltd, an independent Occupational Therapy practice providing specialist Occupational Therapy services for clients, predominantly with neurological conditions, especially acquired brain injuries.

Victoria has extensive experience working as a specialist Case Manager for clients with complex, catastrophic injuries including acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic amputations and birth injuries, she was responsible for assessing, managing and co-ordinating rehabilitation and long-term support. The role included wide-ranging activities such as evaluating the need for care, case management and rehabilitation, writing case management proposals and immediate needs assessments with costings, as well as monthly and daily records of intervention. Risk identification was an important part of the role, leading to the subsequent risk management plans being developed and implemented. Victoria designed, and monitored multi-disciplinary care and rehabilitation support packages, provided supervision and arranged the requisite training for support workers, and was involved in performance management protocols as needed. This role involved highly advanced skills in communication, facilitating and managing liaison and coordination between services and various professionals, including statutory and independent sector services, to ensure clients made gains in their rehabilitation. This involved working with educational establishments such as schools and universities, as well as healthcare providers. She developed a thorough understanding of how to work within legal frameworks in litigation cases including personal injury and negligence, and good knowledge of the Rehabilitation Code. As part of this role, Victoria developed experience working with Trusts and Financial Deputies, and experts as needed. Clinically, the role involved facilitating safe discharges and community living for people with complex medical and support needs, including low awareness states and clients with significant communication and physical disorders. The role also involved skills in researching and working with relevant professionals to arrange for housing purchases or adaptation of housing to better suit client’s needs, including installation of required assistive equipment and technology.

Victoria has also worked clinically as a Highly Specialist OT at Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, a Level 1 tertiary service, managing a complex caseload of neurologically-injured clients with wide-ranging deficits and complex medical and social histories, such as alcohol and drug abuse, psychiatric problems and eating disorders, in a specialised rehabilitation setting.

In addition, Victoria has worked as Team Lead OT in Neurology at Barnet Hospital, which involved joint working with neuro-therapy colleagues and other disciplines in the hospital and community settings.

In her rotational clinical roles at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, the Regional Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) at Northwick Park, Central and North West London NHS Trust and Barnet and Chase

Farm Hospitals NHS Trust, Victoria was responsible for assessing and treating clients with wide-ranging medical conditions. This included experience working with adolescents undergoing spinal

surgeries, orthopaedic cases for older client groups, mental health (community-based dementia day centre, and inpatient mental health unit), cardiology including the Cardiac Care Unit, and specialised neuro-rehabilitation at another level 1 tertiary unit (RRU).

In all her clinical roles, it has been important for Victoria to develop her knowledge and understanding of working with vulnerable children and adults including safeguarding issues, and applying her knowledge of legislation including the Mental Capacity Act, Equality Act, and clinical legislation e.g. moving and handling.

Victoria is the Regional Representative for the South Central Region for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice, a role in which she acts as central point for sharing information, best practice, and knowledge and support for independent Occupational Therapists. This includes arranging regional networking meetings and training and delivering information from the College. Additionally, she set up and acts as lead for a peer support group for independent OTs in her local geographic area to share best practice, evidence-based research, and resources, and maintain her continuing professional development.

Victoria is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and is a member of the British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT) and the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM).