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With a background in Psychology and a doctorate in Neuroscience, Louise has worked on large-scale clinical and scientific projects, focusing on the assessment and rehabilitation of various neurological disorders.  Over the last 10 years specialising in neurology and neuroscience, Louise has developed specialist knowledge on assessing and rehabilitating complex cognitive, visual and motor problems that can arise from neurological conditions. Louise has a great deal of experience in assessing clients with cognitive and physical impairment and supporting and guiding multi-disciplinary teams to be successful in assessing and managing clients’ complex needs.

Louise completed her PhD in neuroscience, specifically investigating visual and cognitive impairment after stroke.  Working with computer science engineers, health scientists and physiotherapists, an assistive technology device to rehabilitate upper-arm function after stroke via functional electrical stimulation was developed.  Louise assessed the effectiveness of this assistive technology in rehabilitating visual and motor function after stroke.  Being extremely knowledgeable within this area, Louise is passionate about providing practical and effective client-focused support to maximise rehabilitation and increase quality of life.  During her PhD, Louise worked with numerous clinical teams within stroke wards in hospitals across the South of England, including Southampton General Hospital, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Poole Hospital, and Lymington New Forest Hospital to assess patients’ visual and cognitive function after stroke in an acute setting.

After completing her PhD, Louise went on to study as a postdoc at the University of Reading focusing on determining the success of a physical intervention programme in improving cognitive function in older adults.  During this time Louise assessed cognitive function, well-being, quality of life, mental health and physical function longitudinally to determine any improvement due to the rehabilitative intervention.  Louise develops strong and productive working relationships with clients, carers and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure maximum benefit to the client’s rehabilitative success.

Louise’s further postdoctoral studies included work at the University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospitals (UCLH).  This longitudinal project investigated diagnosing visual, cognitive and motor impairments in Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and Lewy Body Disease.  Whilst coordinating multi-disciplinary teams at UCL, Louise worked closely with the neuro-ophthalmology team at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments of visual and ophthalmic function in neurodegenerative disease.  She was also involved in the coordination, support and supervision of clinical and support staff and BSc, MSc, and PhD students within UCL and UCLH.  This work involved employing advanced technology (including ophthalmic technologies and neuroimaging) to identify and predict progression of long-term conditions in order to successfully treat complex symptoms and impairment.

Being an experienced clinical adviser and expert in innovative technological methods, Louise has a detailed understanding of the rehabilitation process from the acute stage through to the community and has experience in providing novel solutions for rehabilitation, including assistive technology.  Louise is a compassionate, innovative and proactive advocate who is keen to provide extensive support and care to help clients with neurological injury to maximise their physical and cognitive function and achieve their goals.  She feels strongly about ensuring that a person can access what they need to progress and achieve their rehabilitative goals, and sees this as an essential part of her role with NeuroHealth Case Management Services.

Louise has a unique perspective and experience to offer.  Not only does she have exceptional professional knowledge, she has personal experience of caring for her mum who was left with paralysis and communication difficulties after having a stroke 10 years ago and required 24-hour care, as well as extensive input from health and social care services.  Louise also has experience advocating for adaptations required to assist her mum’s care and rehabilitation needs, as well as the Disabled Facilities Grant process.  These experiences enable her to be even more effective and compassionate as a Case Manager, with knowledge of equipment, assistive technology and support needs required for improving function after disability and cognitive impairment, and she understands how important it is to have someone to coordinate and facilitate these complex needs.

Louise is extremely passionate about furthering her knowledge in the area of rehabilitation after neurological injury and has a significant academic track record within neurology and neuroscience.  Having provided over 30+ scientific presentations for expert and lay audiences, published 15+ peer-reviewed journal publications and providing public outreach communications, Louise is passionate about ensuring that high-quality clinical research has a direct impact on patients’ lives.  Being an expert within this area, Louise was asked to be Review Editor for the journal Frontiers in Psychology: Neuroscience, whilst conducting research at UCL.  Having extensive clinical and scientific understanding within the areas of Neuroscience, Health, Clinical Sciences and Patient Centred Outcomes, Louise is enthusiastic about providing effective, holistic rehabilitation to improve patients’ function and quality of life.

Louise is member of the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management (BABICM).

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