Charlotte is a qualified Social Worker registered with the Health and Care Professions Council [HCPC]. Charlotte has extensive experience using a holistic, client centred problem-solving approach to maximise independence and quality of life. As an Assistant Case Manager, Charlotte works with adult and paediatric clients who have sustained a brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex orthopaedic and psychological injuries.

As part of her social work training, Charlotte completed placements at the Department of Communities in Western Australia (WA) for both Child Protection and Disability Services. Upon completion of her final placement, Charlotte was offered employment as Local Coordinator for Disability Services. During this time, the disability sector in WA experienced significant change, with the role out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). As such, Charlotte developed extensive skills and experience in navigating a system change, ensuring her assessments and interventions for clients were in-line with the changing legislation and policies.

In this role Charlotte managed a case load of 50 clients, consisting of adults and children with acquired brain injury, physical disability, learning difficulties and various other medical conditions. The variety of client circumstances allowed Charlotte to gain valuable knowledge about the impact of different conditions and she was required to be person-centred and flexible in her approach to accommodate for different client needs. Working with the client and their network in a holistic manner was the key to ensure her assessment of needs and subsequent interventions addressed all areas of the client’s life which had been impacted by their condition.

Charlotte has experience working in multi-disciplinary teams, using a solution focused approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients, whether intervention was statutory or non-statutory. She has worked with a diverse client base from various backgrounds and ethnicity, particularly in her advocacy work in the non-for-profit sector in Western Australia. Charlotte had the privilege of working with a team of Indigenous mentors during the creation of the Department of Justice funded pilot program ‘Moorditj Ngoorndiak’, a mentoring program aimed at reducing recidivism amongst the juvenile Indigenous population. It was this role which ignited Charlotte’s passion for addressing system and policy flaws for those who intersected with various government departments, including the justice, health, mental health and disability sectors.

Charlotte moved to the UK in 2019 and commenced as a Social Worker for the London Borough of Wandsworth, gaining valuable experience in crisis intervention, immediate risk assessment and Mental Capacity Assessments. Charlotte was part of a regular MDT group held between social services and the NHS, to address how clients with complex health and social needs could best be supported between the two systems.