Location: London

Coverage: London & the South East

Alan is a qualified Occupational Therapist with a background in Education and Industry. He has developed his skills and knowledge through working across the lifespan in a wide range of settings in the UK and Spain. From these experiences he has the knowledge and experience to complete holistic assessments as part of person / family centred approach. As a Case Manager, Alan manages adults and children who have sustained a wide range of catastrophic injuries, including brain injury, spinal injury, amputation and complex physical and psychological trauma.

Alan has over four years of experience in the field of social care, community based support and care management. His experience has included working as a qualified Occupational Therapist and Care Manager, in a local authority setting, completing statutory assessments, and providing tailored services to adults with physical disabilities. This includes working with adults with spinal injuries of all levels, traumatic brain injury including “walking wounded” clients, and high level physical and functional and/or cognitive difficulties. Alan values developing therapeutic, trusting relationships to support clients to achieve their personal goals and lead fulfilling lives whilst being sensitive to their needs.

Alan has worked for several years with adults with complex disabilities, their families, carers and representatives, building up positive working relationships to ensure that the client is supported to maximise their independence, whilst supporting them through difficult transitions. He has worked with professional medical teams to assess the needs of clients with a range of medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, orthopaedic injuries, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart failure, COPD, cancer, trauma, alcohol abuse, social breakdown, frailty, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, autism, global delay, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, infections (& associated side effects), acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, elderly carers and those suffering from dementia, as well as conditions of sensory loss and palliative care. He has an excellent understanding of how health conditions impact upon people’s activities of daily living, leisure and work activities.

Throughout his career as an Occupational Therapist, Alan has managed complex cases through rehabilitation, ongoing support in the community and discharge planning. He has a good understanding of NHS and Social Care processes and is able to work alongside community teams, social workers and care agencies to recommend levels of support and to enable them to lead meaningful lives.

Alan is familiar with completing in-depth risk assessments and setting up 24-hour care packages. He is experienced in ensuring support workers are properly instructed to implement complex care plans, and in liaising with other members of the team to monitor and review the care. He has experience of working alongside professional colleagues, including district nursing services, occupational therapy, neuro physiotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, dieticians and speech and language therapy to develop goal-focused rehabilitation packages, and to review progress towards goals. Alan’s work with adults has given him valuable experience of working alongside housing colleagues and overseeing major adaptation work either through the local authority or through the disabled facilities grant scheme. Alan has worked with clients in receipt of Direct Payments, Continuing Care and Personal Budgets.

As a London-based practitioner, Alan has worked for many years with people whose first language is not English. He has enabled clients and their carers, in his role as an advocate, to negotiate the benefits, local authority and housing systems. From an education background Alan has an excellent understanding of a child’s development and how they interact with their environment.

Alan is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), is a professional member of the British Association of Occupational Therapist (BAOT) and a member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM). Alan is committed to continuing professional development (CPD) and participates in service development, audit, participating in and providing training an in-service attending internal & external training.

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