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Our understanding

At NeuroHealth our specialist Case Managers understand that Asbestos related diseases can cause a range of very serious illnesses and have debilitating effects on the person concerned.

In addition, due to the nature of the illness this can have a significant effect on family members and in particular if the person affected has dependants or caring responsibilities.

What we believe

We believe that if a client or family member are dealing with an asbestos related disease they should have access to the best medical care and support available to them. This may involve communicating with their NHS specialist teams, and/or accessing private services for them.

Our skilled Case Managers will deal with any difficulties with a sensitive, yet proactive approach and will aim to assist our clients quickly and efficiently.

At NeuroHealth our case managers can assist clients with the following:

  • Provide an Immediate Needs Assessment of our client’s clinical and social needs and address those needs of the family

  • Sourcing of any equipment needs or adaptations to the home to ensure an improvement in quality of life at home

  • Liaison with community services where appropriate to ensure equipment and possible accommodation needs are met

  • Communicating with NHS treating specialists/lung cancer nurses/social worker/GP  for example to ensure a coordinated approach to the care and support received.  

  • Assistance to organise medical treatments

  • To communicate with the hospice team/Macmillan nurse specialist teams (as appropriate)

  • Setting up a private care package if required

  • Benefits advice and signposting for more specific financial advice following diagnosis

  • Communicating with our client’s legal representative to ensure all parties are aware of developments and needs as they arise with ongoing assessment of clinical needs as symptoms may change

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