John was aged 70 and had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma four months prior to being referred to NeuroHealth by his solicitor.

His life expectancy was extremely short, but neither he, nor his wife, Brenda, wished to know this. He had been the main carer  for  Brenda,  who had complex health conditions for many years, and was worried about who would care for her following his death and how she would manage.

One of NeuroHealth’s Case Managers visited John and Brenda to conduct an assessment. John was already having some difficulties caring for Brenda and completing tasks around the home. They were both reluctant to having external support initially, but soon realised that this could help provide a better quality of life, and make both of them more comfortable.

The Case Manager worked closely with the family and arranged the following:

  • Equipment such as a profiling bed and reclining chair, to assist with transfers, make John as comfortable as possible in his final months of life, and to make life easier for those caring for him.

  • Liaison with MacMillan, District and Hospice Nurses to ensure John’s needs would be met as his illness progressed.

  • A private package of care, starting slowly and increased gradually as needed, to ensure that John could remain at home (in accordance with his wishes) throughout the duration of his illness and until he passed away.

  • The care package also allowed for supporting Brenda in activities of daily living and community access, whilst John was unable to assist.

  • Towards the end of his life, a live-in Nurse was provided, to allow John to remain at home with suitable pain relief and nursing input.

  • Domestic  assistance  to  maintain  the  home – a role formerly performed by John before becoming ill.

  • A support worker for the Brenda following John’s death, to provide personal and practical support at home, and assist with community access.

  • Mobility equipment for Brenda, to enable her to remain as independent and safe as possible following John’s death.

As a result of having a Case Manager, it was possible to ensure that John had a dignified, and comfortable end to his life as possible.

John, and his family were also able to make more choices, and had peace of mind that Brenda would be cared for and could remain in the family home following his death. Their Case Manager remains involved on a low-level basis to assist with managing the ongoing care package where required.

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