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A Team of Specialists


NeuroHealth’s Founder

Karen is a skilled clinician and Case Manager, with extensive experience in neurological rehabilitation and assessment, as well as amputee management and other major injuries and disabilities.

Her dedication and passion to provide tailored and personalised assessment and case management services for people after life changing injuries, led to the establishment of NeuroHealth.

Who We Work With

Since its inception, NeuroHealth has grown to cover a wide area of the UK to provide services to a much broader range of clients with various injuries, and often those which accompany brain and spinal cord injury, such as amputation, complex orthopaedic trauma or other health conditions.

The NeuroHealth Team

The team at NeuroHealth consists of  19 specialist Case Managers who will need to, at times, deal with the difficult and unexpected.

Our clients will only ever be represented by people with the character and determination to see the task through and provide the necessary support that will allow the client to cope with not only the medical effects of their injury, but also the wider impact of this life changing event. In short, our case managers are people who can be depended on.

Karen Rullo, Managing Director

Karen Rullo, Managing Director
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